About SmallWorld

SmallWorld is a collaborative workspace for early startups and budding entrepreneurs.

SmallWorld helps entrepreneurs test, refine, design startup model, build, and launch fast with small capital by providing a share workspace and a supporting community of like-mined people.

Key Facts

Founded in December 2011 with an initial startup investment of USD500, by a group of four co-founder and a group of four more friends to join the team 3 months later.

Backed by crowd-funders of USD 2850 help operation the premises for about 3 months.

Sponsored by Sabay Digital Corperation of 2500, contributed an additional 3 months of operation.

A group of friends of founding members contributed USD10 – USD 100 per months for about three months through community investor program we created had contributed to an additional of 2 months operation.

Founding members contributed the remaining funds for the operation until the break event point in late 2013.

Currently giving a cowroking and office sharing space to around 35 active members. Five startups are in good shape out of nine. Three out of five are generating income and making some profits. Two out of five are on their way to the show in the startup world.

Goal & Mission

Our ultimate goal is to animate Toul Kork to be the startup landscape platform and youthful characteristic community.

Our mission is to discover and create innovative business and employment opportunities for Cambodian youth in an open and casual work environment.

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