A usual day at Emerald HUB

  To spend the day at the Hub means see different faces and enjoy a nice environment to work in. Let me explain you how is happening a normal day for a coworker at Emerald HUB.

  On the morning, I like to arrive before 8.30am to have the space for myself. It is the most quiet time and I enjoy beginning my day by taking a coffee at Hub Café in a peaceful atmoshpere. I'm into Mocha coffee and I can assure you that the hot Mocha, the iced Mocha and the Mocha Frappuccino are awesome. The Caramel coffee and the Capuccino are good as well and you can be sure that every coffee will assure you a productive day.

  Then I sit wherever I want at a  free table and start working. People are mostly arriving between 9am and 9.30am. After a brief 'Hello' and 'How are you?', everyone goes to work on their project.
When I arrived three months ago, I was pretty shy and stay at my table to work. Now I enjoy having a talk and asking everyone how their projects are going. Emerald HUB is also a community where you can find support from the other coworkers. If I have a question, I know that I'll be able to ask around and quickly have an answer to my request.

  After a morning working there, you can go have a lunch in the area with some of the coworkers. It's been a while since I'm working there and I now have my habits. I go out for lunch with my colleagues and friends at a guesthouse close by. The food is great and after eating you're ready to start your afternoon.

  I'm having a second coffee after lunch but you can also enjoy a nap on the sofa if you feel like it. The afternoons are busier with more people coming to work at the HUB. The startups are interacted with each another in order to grow their business and freelancers are talking about their project.
Emerald Hub is more than a working space, it is also a gathering place for startups and freelancers.

  Every two or three days, the HUB is hosting a new event. It can be a conference, a workshop or a Startup Party and as I work there, I'm going there when I'm available to increase my skills or enjoy networking.

  After a day, long or short depending the day, I'm going home and don't dread the next working day.

Written by Amok