Christmas Tree Project and Its Purpose

At SmallWorld, we’recommitted to doing our part to clean up our natural environment, and want to encourage everyone to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

We each owe it to ourselves and to all future generations to live every day in an awake, aware, and environmentally sensitive way.

For every action we take, big or small, we must always remember to think ahead,considering the full impact each of our personal decisions will have on future generations.

We’re looking for those among us who can think deeply about each and every action they take, because to clean up our nation, each one of us must participation a personal level.

If you will not personally wake up and begin to treat our land, air, and water with respect, then who will?

We want every one of you to always be thinking about how much useless garbage we Cambodians create and throw away each and everyday.

Did you ever really think about how much waste and pollution you personally create everyday?

For your own good health, anytime you buy something, show respect, pause for a few seconds, take a deep breath, and think.

How much of what you buy will you soon throw away?

Will any part of what you throw away ever be reused or recycled?

What personal role will you take in the process of reusing and recycling?

We must understand once and for all that each of us must serve as teachers and role models for each other, speaking up and correcting our friends whenever necessary.

This year, our Christmas tree is designed using plastic water bottles so we can tell a story and teach a lesson to remind ourselves and each other of these important issues. 

As in business and in life, and as it is with our environment, we know how important it is to always think ahead and teach by example.

We want to work together with you to dream up new and cleaner approaches for the way we buy and sell everyday items in Cambodia, so if you feel inspired to work together with us, leave us your name and email!

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