Remote Year's workshops

Emerald Hub, the coworking space located on the 11th floor of the PPIU building, is hosting the Remote Year teams for a few months.

Let me explain a bit what I am talking about.

Remote Year is a program for digital nomads who work remotely during one year while traveling. The program offers the participants the possibility to spend each month of the year in a different location and that way to discover 12 different cultures.

As they are traveling, these nomads are trying to get involved as much as possible during this short time. They all have different methods to do it and they all have their specialties.

As it happens, they are based at Emerald Hub as it is their main working place during their stay in Phnom Penh. They not only work in the coworking space, they also organize events that can benefit everyone. Yes, it also means you.

In fact, they have already offered some quality workshops to the community. Realized in a winning pair or as a stunning one-man-show, the workshops are covering every topic that can come handy to every wanna-be-entrepreneur.

The Remotes are experienced so they gladly share their knowledge and answer your questions. They aren’t here to teach but more likely to make you benefit from their experiences.

Project Management, Design Process, Intellectual Property Primer, Customer Relation Management, all the themes are perfectly adapted if you are looking to improve your business competencies.

The Project Management workshop was made by Huia Parker and Roscoe Power on the 17th November. In two hours, they explained the basics of how to be a Project Manager. Some key points were highlighted such as the importance of communication, the set of expectations concerning the outcome or the way to focus on the right path.

On the 22nd November, Christine Lee and Jacri Stubbs took the stage and made the audience play and participate during their Design Process workshop. They made sure that everyone went home with the certainty that they were a creative person able to face any situation and to propose a solution.

At the end of the day, the workshops are all about giving you the keys to becoming the perfect entrepreneur and reduce your mistakes. It’s about being confident and know how to face a situation.

If you missed the first workshops, you still have the opportunity to join one of them. The last one will be held by Jason Yuhas on the Tuesday 29th November at Emerald Hub. The topic will be about Customer Relation Management.

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