Workshops from Remote Year in December

As new Remote teams have arrived in Phnom Penh, new workshops will happen during this month ! Emerald Hub is pleased to host the events brought by Remote Year.

In December, the events are more startup-oriented. Three workshops are planned and if you go to all the events you will learn how to boost your startup !

The first one, on the 12th December focuses itself on Pitching. Made by Jessica Noële DeWitt, this session is all abotu understanding what makes or breaks your pitch.
Every startup which are seeking to investments has to perform a pitch. It may seem easy to present your project following a slides presentation but Pitching is a veritable art. To master this art, you can keep on practicing until it works or learn from experts through advices !

A few days after this first event, you can learn more about Web frameworks helped by Rick Graham expertise. Step by step you will learn what is a web application development and see how to build back-end API's that works with responsive front-ends. If you want to build a website and learn more about the topic, the event will begin at 6pm the 15th December and is free.

The final event is about How to Start you Tech Startup.  Eryn Peters will explain the different phases and help you understand the process. Having a startup idea and making it become real require some organisation and planification. This workshop will happen on the 19th December.

If you manage to go to these three workshops, you will be armed with new knowlegdes and will be able to face a lot of the difficulties you encounter when creating a startup. You can also just join one of the event to improve a particular skill.

If you want to know more, you can have a look at Emerald HUB's facebook page, you can also find the events on eventbrite. All the workshops are free and it is a huge opportunity to learn from people coming from different countries.

We hope you will enjoy the event and take the chance brought by Remote Year.